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750 sq. ft. for up to 45 people

Sip tea while enjoying monumental views and flowing conversation at Topside. This 750 sq. ft. enclosed, private rooftop space offers at stunning views of Mt. Vernon year-round, and is ideal for cocktail parties, reception-style brunches, small groups, breakouts, and more.

Topside's Garden Room is a colorful space outfitted with a botanical garden prized for its tropical aesthetic and ever-blooming lush plants. Kept year-round, step inside a thriving flush of holiday, spring, summer, and flowery plants, each bold and captivating at first glance.

Add long-lasting vibrancy to your event. Stray away from the cookie-cutter meeting in a room, and aspire to make an impact in an unconventional space with brick walls, an uneven walking path simulating a true garden, a cozy fireplace, and a striking in-door landscape. Revival’s Garden Room provides the perfect space for special events and is one of the only rooftop gardens in Baltimore.