The Remedy at Revival

March 13, 2024 5pm - March 13, 2024 9pm

Welcome to The Remedy at Hotel Revival; an immersive evening experience dedicated to guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery and authenticity led by Jasmine Garland.

The Remedy is a free workshop event although registration is mandatory for participation as space is limited. During these workshops, you will participate in group activities to include but not limited to; breath exercises, journaling,

  • About Our Facilitator:
  • Jasmine Garland is an accomplished Success Coach with five years of experience helping others accomplish their dreams. Now embarking on her thrilling solo venture as a Millennial Life Coach, Jasmine brings a rich background in psychology, currently complemented by her pursuit of a Master's degree and practical experience through an internship at a local mental health clinic: Free Baltimore. Guided by her mantra, "Love yourself, love your life, love your people," Jasmine is a beacon of positivity, advocating for balance, inner peace, and emotional resilience. Her approach is uniquely lighthearted yet profoundly impactful, as she leads others toward sustainable success with grace, enthusiasm, and tons of self-love!
  • Workshop Schedule:
  • Check-In & Happy Hour | 5:30-6pm
  • Program Start | 6pm
  • Doors Close | 6:15pm *no entry after
  • Break | 7pm
  • Program Continues | 7:30pm
  • Program Ends | 8:30pm
  • The Workshops:
  • Wednesday, January 10 - New Year, Real You
  • Wednesday, February 7 - Men Deserve Flowers
  • Wednesday, March 13 - Powerful Femininity